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Notice Section 1.5.H Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency Service Coordination (ROSS-SC) and Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)
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Questions on Resident Participation

RAD Technical Assistance for Residents/Tenant Organizations

Are there funds to provide residents/legitimate tenant organizations with technical assistance? If yes, what is the application process?

There is no RAD-specific funding for technical assistance to residents / tenant organizations. There are extensive resources available on www.hud.gov/rad and www.radresource.net websites. HUD staff is providing RAD webinars regularly (check hud.gov/rad) and residents are encouraged to attend and ask questions. PHAs are reminded that RAD includes various requirements for tenant consultation. In addition, HUD is developing materials to assist tenants in understanding RAD and participate in their local process. [Updated 7.29.13]

Post RAD Funding Source for Tenant Council/Tenant Protection Funds

Can you explain the consequences of switching to RAD on the tenant protection and Tenant Council funds that are currently built into our Operating Budget? I know RAD intends that those funds continue to be provided to the Tenant Councils etc, but what is the source of those funds (i.e. do they reduce the RAD contract rent payments) or are the PHA expected to provide those funds from other sources (ACC grant) etc?

The $25 per unit per year, of which at least $15 must be conveyed to resident organizations, is built into the RAD rent. It would be a project expense.

Eligible Units for PBV HAP Subsidy

Under public housing, some of our ACC units are offline for Resident Council/Social Service activities however we still receive subsidy for them. After the RAD conversion, will we still receive subsidy for these units and, if so, at what amount?

For conversions where the PHA is proposing a de minimis reduction in dwelling units, but certain units will be designated for special purpose uses or units are being reconfigured through rehab to improve marketability (e.g. combining efficiencies), these units will not be included in the HAP contract and will not receive subsidy. However, HUD will increase the contract rents for the dwelling units by a share of the foregone subsidy (i.e., the Operating Fund and Capital Fund portion of the weighted Contract Rent) attributable to the deminimis units that meet this criteria.

Formation of Resident Council after Closing

The residents of a project converting to RAD want to form a resident council after conversion. What are the requirements to form a council after RAD conversion?

There is no requirement to form a resident council under RAD, but residents may form a resident organization and receive tenant participation funds. There are different resident participation and funding requirements under PBRA and PBV. For PBRA conversions, residents have the right to establish and operate a resident organization in accordance with 24 CFR Part 245 (Tenant Participation in Multifamily Housing Projects). In addition, in accordance with Attachment 1B (more specifically, Attachment 1B.2 at page 110 of REV-2), residents will be eligible for resident participation funding. For PBV conversions, residents of Covered Projects with converted PBV assistance will have the right to establish and operate a resident organization for the purpose of addressing issues related to their living environment and be eligible for resident participation funding In accordance with Attachment 1B.2.

PIH Resident Commissioner Requirement

HUD requires us to have one Resident Commissioner. Our Resident Commissioner lives in a property that has been converted and renovated under the RAD program. Is he still eligible to serve on the Board of Commissioners as a Resident Commissioner?

The Resident Commission must be a public housing resident, so they are not eligible to serve. However, per 24 CFR 964.415 the resident board member could be allowed to finish out his/her current term. In addition, the PHA and residents should be aware of the Resident Participation component of RAD. Here is a Fact Sheet that may help: https://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/documents/huddoc?id=RFS6_Participation_Funding.pdf”