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Choice Mobility

Our RAD transaction will have a Choice-Mobility requirement. This question concerns residents who do not meet current screening requirements for Housing Choice Vouchers but who (because of the waiver of rescreening) will occupy PBV or PBRA units post-RAD. If one of these residents later requested a Choice-Mobility voucher, would the resident have to satisfy all current screnning requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher program, or would the waiver of re-screening continue to apply?

The waiver of re-screening applies (a) to issues that pre-date the RAD conversion (for example, a prior conviction record that would be unacceptable under one-strike) and (b) to continued occupancy at the RAD project. The waiver of re-screening would not apply to the possible future application for a Housing Choice Voucher that you describe (the resident would have to meet all HCV screening requirements in effect at the time). The waiver also does not apply to any issue that arises post-conversion (for example, a conviction that occurs after the RAD conversion).

Time Period for Choice Mobility Voucher

What is the time period for a resident to request a voucher after the one year obligation has been met?

The resident may request a Choice Mobility voucher at any time after one year.

Choice Mobility Exemption Approval

How do I know if my request for a good cause exemption from Choice Mobility was approved?

If the PHA requested a good cause exemption in their RAD application, after CHAP issuance the Executive Director will receive an email notifying them of whether or not the exemption was approved. The Transaction Manager will be copied on this email as well. The exemption approval is also logged on the RAD Resource Desk on the Property Details page for future reference.

Choice Mobility Voucher Definition and Requirements

Could you point to a Notice or other official document that provides a clear, succinct definition of “Choice Mobility Voucher” and its requirements in the context of RAD?

For RAD, the Choice-Mobility was modeled after the requirements in the PBV program. The statutory reference is Section 8(o)(13)(E)(i) of the Housing Act of 1937. The regulatory reference is 24 CFR 983.260. Under RAD, HUD made no changes in Choice-Mobility for PBV conversions. For PBRA conversions, see section 1.7(C)(5).

Waiting Period for PBV Tenants to Exercise Choice Mobility Option after Closing

Do residents of a PBV RAD conversion have to wait 12 months or 24 months after the execution of the HAP to exercise their right to move into tenant-based assistance?

See the RAD Notice REV-2, page 61, item 9 Choice Mobility, which makes it clear that, with PBVs, a resident's ability to access the choice-mobility option is available "at any time after the first year of occupancy." Note that the choice-mobility requirements for PBV conversions differ in some respects from the choice-mobility requirements for PBRA conversions.

Choice Mobility for New Residents after RAD Conversion

Is choice mobility only available to residents who were in place at conversion, or can new residents eventually qualify for it too?

For covered projects, the Choice-Mobility option is available to all existing and future residents. Note, however, that there may be limits on the number of residents in a covered project who might receive a Choice-Mobility option in any given year. See Notice PIH-2032 REV-2 for additional information on the Choice-Mobility requirement (see in particular section 1.6.D.9 for PBV conversions and section 1.7.C.5 for PBRA conversions). Some RAD PBRA conversions received an exemption from the Choice-Mobility requirement at the time of the initial RAD application and approval, as discussed on Section 2.3.6.C.3 of the Notice.