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Benefits of RAD v. SAC

I'm considering a RAD transaction, versus pursuing demolition-disposition through the SAC. It appears that, under RAD, approval of new financing is simpler. However, one advantage that the SAC provides (or used to provide) was the possibility of Tenant Protection Vouchers,that had the effect of increasing a PHAs voucher pool and providing the means for vouchers to be deployed via PBV using a true FMR-based payment standard. However, I understand that RAD brings with it no corresponding bonus of "extra" vouchers (please confirm).

You are correct that, under RAD, a PHA does not receive TPVs. See Notice PIH-2012-07 for procedures for authorizing TPVs under demolition / disposition. Note that the RAD-HAP contract does begin to fund at construction closing and funds throughout construction. Some PHAs intend to use that rental income to assist with temporary relocation costs for residents. Those PHAs must ensure that their relocation plan complies with all requirements of the Uniform Relocation Act.