PHA Assets Leverage Ratio     ($2.60 : $1.00)

This ratio measures the total funds generated per dollar of resources under the PHA’s control, which include public housing funds, non-federal funds PHAs have generated from other business activities, and the value of the PHA’s real estate assets. This ratio shows that RAD conversions raised $2.60 from other funding sources (the numerator) for every dollar the PHA invested from its own internal resources (the denominator). This ratio reflects all funds that are within a PHA’s direct control versus the other resources generated through a RAD transaction.

All Other Funding
Commercial Non-FHA Loan$4,347,379,723
Commercial FHA Loan$1,841,208,434
Deferred Developer Fee$537,860,435
Interim Income$194,425,502
Accrued & Unpaid Interest$90,993,470
Federal Home Loan Bank AHP$82,734,504
Other Federal Funds$204,806,898
State or Local Funds$1,374,433,513
National Housing Trust Fund$43,761,825
Sponsor or Partner Funds$331,426,603
Tax Credit Equity$8,689,614,722
GP Equity/Reinvested Capital$162,304,594
PHA Assets
Seller Note/Take Back Financing$4,784,769,463
PHA Non-Federal Funds$390,278,892
Public Housing Operating Reserves$493,306,718
Public Housing Capital Funds (incl DDTF)$707,472,083
Public Housing RHF$236,209,476
Housing Choice Voucher Funds (MTW agencies only)$90,993,470
Public Housing Program Income$331,426,603