Public and Tax-Motivated Funds Leverage Ratio     ($0.44 : $1.00)

This ratio measures the amount of total funds generated per dollar of governmentally induced funding in RAD conversions. Governmentally-induced funding includes appropriated funds, PHA-held resources, and investor equity, which is subsidized via various elements of the federal and state tax code, including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program most prominently. This ratio shows that RAD transactions raised $0.44 from other funding sources (the numerator) for every dollar of governmentally-induced funding (the denominator). This ratio therefore is one measure of examining governmentally-induced or derived funds to all other resources.

All Other Funding
Commercial Non-FHA Loan$4,347,379,723
Commercial FHA Loan$1,841,208,434
Federal Home Loan Bank AHP$82,734,504
Deferred Developer Fee$537,860,435
Interim Income$194,425,502
Accrued & Unpaid Interest$90,993,470
Sponsor or Partner Funds$331,426,603
GP Equity/Reinvested Capital$162,304,594
Public and Tax-Motivated Funds
Seller Note/Take Back Financing$4,784,769,463
Public Housing Operating Reserves$493,306,718
Public Housing Capital Funds (incl DDTF)$707,472,083
Public Housing RHF$236,209,476
Housing Choice Voucher Funds (MTW agencies only)$90,993,470
Public Housing Program Income$331,426,603
Tax Credit Equity$8,689,614,722
PHA Non-Federal Funds$390,278,892
National Housing Trust Fund$43,761,825
Other Federal Funds$204,806,898
State or Local Funds$1,374,433,513