Rental Assistance Demonstration Resource Desk

Q&A Webinars

Webinar TitleDate of WebinarVideoSlides
New Notices to Implement FY 18 Provisions and Supplement RAD Notice Rev 307/09/2018webinar_show.cfm?vid=95 View Slides
RAD 101: Public Housing Conversions05/14/2018webinar_show.cfm?vid=94 View Slides
Closing Process for RAD Public Housing Conversions05/03/2018webinar_show.cfm?vid=92 View Slides
HEROS Partner Submissions in RAD: for Partners02/01/2018webinar_show.cfm?vid=90 View Slides
CNA e-Tool Q&A Session for Non-FHA RAD Transactions01/18/2018webinar_show.cfm?vid=87
Using HUD's CNA e-Tool for RAD Transactions12/07/2017webinar_show.cfm?vid=86 View Slides
Rehab/Construction Completion Certification and RAD Minority Concentration Analysis Tool: Live Q&A11/09/2017webinar_show.cfm?vid=84 View Slides
Resource Desk Training: Inputting Project Ownership03/24/2017webinar_show.cfm?vid=77
RAD Notice Revision 3 Training: Mod Rehab, Rent Supp, and RAP Conversions02/23/2017webinar_show.cfm?vid=76 View Slides
RAD Notice Revision 3 Training: Public Housing Conversions02/21/2017webinar_show.cfm?vid=75 View Slides
Q&A Session #3: RAD Fair Housing, Civil Rights and Relocation Notice01/11/2017webinar_show.cfm?vid=72 View Slides
Q&A Session #2: RAD Fair Housing, Civil Rights and Relocation Notice12/15/2016webinar_show.cfm?vid=71
Q&A Session #1: RAD Fair Housing, Civil Rights and Relocation Notice12/01/2016webinar_show.cfm?vid=70 View Slides
RAD Fair Housing, Civil Rights and Relocation Notice11/17/2016webinar_show.cfm?vid=68 View Slides
Discussion of RAD 1st Component Revised Forms & Contracts10/14/2016webinar_show.cfm?vid=67 View Slides
Initial Year Funding Tool07/13/2016webinar_show.cfm?vid=66 View Slides
RAD Initial Year Funding Tool & Overview08/14/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=60
RAD Live Q&A - Rent Adjustments for Second Component Conversions07/10/2015 View Slides
RAD Live Q&A – Public Housing Conversions07/10/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=57
Overview of Rent Setting - Second Component (Slides Only)06/27/2015 View Slides
RAD Environmental Review Process Training for CHAP Awardees06/18/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=54 View Slides
Overview of the Revised RAD Notice for CHAP Awardees – Public Housing06/17/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=51 View Slides
Overview of the Revised RAD Notice for CHAP Awardees – Mod Rehab/SRO06/17/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=52 View Slides
Overview of the Revised RAD Notice for CHAP Awardees – Rent Supp/RAP06/17/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=53 View Slides
Relocation Training for RAD 1st Component Public Housing Conversions03/24/2015webinar_show.cfm?vid=47 View Slides
RAD RPCA Training01/08/2012webinar_show.cfm?vid=8
Overview of the RAD Relocation Requirements Notice07/25/2014webinar_show.cfm?vid=21 View Slides
Introducing the Tax Credit Fast Track07/22/2014webinar_show.cfm?vid=20 View Slides
RAD Program Update 02/28/2014webinar_show.cfm?vid=22
Overview of the RAD Closing Process for PHAs12/19/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=19 View Slides
Update on the First Component of RAD11/07/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=23
Overview of the Mod Rehab Address Database09/26/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=24
Overview of the Revised RAD Inventory Assessment Tool09/19/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=25
Overview of Maximum Supportable First Mortgage Tool09/12/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=26 View Slides
Refresher on Completing a PHA RAD Application08/22/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=27
Overview of Portfolio and Multiphase Conversions08/15/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=28 View Slides
Walkthrough of the RAD Inventory Assessment Tool08/08/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=29
RAD 101 for PHAs08/01/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=30 View Slides
Finding Partners: Overview of Procurement for RAD Conversions07/25/2013webinar_show.cfm?vid=31
General Q&A Webinar with a Focus on Relocation12/14/2012webinar_show.cfm?vid=32 View Slides
RAD Tax Credit Case Studies11/30/2012webinar_show.cfm?vid=33
RAD Conversion Case Studies11/16/2012webinar_show.cfm?vid=34 View Slides