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Questions on PIC Removal

Removing Acreage in PIC for Multiphase Conversion

We have a large project that we are converting in phases. For the initial phase, in terms of PIC removal, do I include acreage for the entire site or just the portion being converted?

For the PIC removal application, just include the portion being converted at this time.

PIC Removal for Non-Dwelling Units

My converting RAD project also includes some non-dwelling units. Do I request removal for the non-dwelling units as well?


Submission of PIC Removal Application

Once I submit the draft PIC Removal application, what happens? Am I out of public housing?

This initial application is a draft, and will not be finalized until your transaction closes and converts through RAD. Your application remains “Under Review.” Although the project will then be exempt from scoring under the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS), it will otherwise remain in public housing and be subject to all public housing rules and regulations until after closing.

Non-dwelling Units Not Shown in PIC

How should the PHA treat non-dwelling buildings that should be removed under the PIC removal application, but are not currently listed in PIC?

On the PIC removal application there is a place to list non-dwelling buildings “not in PIC”, as the application should include all units and buildings, regardless of their dwelling status.