Rental Assistance Demonstration Resource Desk

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) allows proven financing tools to be applied to at-risk public and assisted housing and has two components:

  1. 1st Component - Allows Public Housing properties to convert, under a competition limited to 185,000 units, to long-term Section 8 rental assistance contracts; and

    Data & Resources Public Access - 1st Component

  2. 2nd Component - Allows Rent Supplement (Rent Supp), Rental Assistance Payment (RAP), and Mod Rehab properties to convert tenant-based vouchers issued upon contract expiration or termination to project-based assistance.

    Public Access - 2nd Component

RAD is a central part of the Department's rental housing preservation strategy, which works to preserve the nation's stock of deeply affordable rental housing, promote efficiency within and among HUD programs, and build strong, stable communities.

$6 Billion
Total Construction Activity Leveraged
(closed projects, 1st component)

To view/download data for the Rental Assistance Demonstration program (first component), click the Data & Resources button above. To access the RAD Public Library, click the Public Access button above.

About the RAD Resource Desk

The RAD Resource Desk serves as a comprehensive information archive enabling searches of all published guidance on the Rental Assistance Demonstration. The Desk also serves as the main portal for Demonstration participants to ask questions, search for information and forms, upload documents, and track their progress toward closing. Access is available to the public as well as HUD employees and PHA staff.

In addition to maintaining a searchable database of statutes, rules, regulations, notices, memoranda, directives and guidelines that are applicable to this Demonstration, the Desk also provides answers to questions submitted by participants on the implementation and application of the rules and regulations governing the Demonstration. Previously asked questions are returned with search results. Additionally, users may submit new questions if their questions are not (yet) found in the Resource Desk's archive.

Who May Use the Resource Desk?

The public portion of this website is intended for use by anyone that has an interest in the RAD program. The private section of this website is intended for the exclusive use of HUD employees and PHA staff of participating PHAs. Each PHA participating in RAD will have the ability to control access within their organization and extend access to other applicable third parties such as lenders and attorneys.

How Do I Contact the RAD Resource Desk?

If you have technical questions regarding the use of the RAD Resource Desk, please feel free to contact the Resource Desk via email at

If you have questions regarding the Demonstration, please feel free to browse our online database or submit a question via the web –